I am Senior Research Fellow and Chief Shop Steward at Tampere University. I have trained as a nurse and have a PhD in social sciences. I live in Tammela, Tampere, with my husband and our 14-year-old cat called Vili. Read more about my education and work history on the Koulutus ja työt page (in Finnish). I have been politically active for about ten years. I am also an active social debater. The Kirjoituksia and Blog (in Finnish) pages contain texts that I have written in the recent years (in Finnish).

I am a city councillor in Tampere and member of the board of Pirkanmaa Hospital District. More information on my community involvement is available on the Luottamustehtävät page (in Finnish).

In my research work, I have concentrated on health communications and journalism. I am currently studying the impact of social media on the communication between doctors, nurses and patients, and the digitalisation of health care communications. I have also investigated the impact of gender on journalistic work.

More information on my research and scientific publications is available on my work website (in Finnish) and the website of the Negate project

European election 2019

Why am I running for the European Parliament?

Europe is our home. The job of the European Union is to ensure that Europe is a just and safe home for all who live here. Europeans need a strong and active voice in the direction of the continent.

The EU has maintained peace and stability in Europe and shown an example of how international cooperation promotes peace without military alliances. Besides peace and stability, I think it is important to focus on climate change and human rights.

We can address climate change and create jobs

Preventing and reversing climate change, which threatens the future of humanity, require international cooperation. The European Union must be a pioneer and leader in the fight against climate change, which is the greatest  challenge of our time. In Europe, addressing this urgent challenge will create jobs that support our economy and future. It is the greatest reconstruction project since World War II.

Meeting the ecological challenge of Europe can be funded by imposing negative taxes on environmentally harmful products, such as plastics and flying, and a carbon tax on imported goods from outside the EU. Money will also come from curbing the gray economy and tax evasion, which will increase tax revenues in the member states of the European Union.

Let’s ensure equal human rights for everyone in all EU countries

Europe, our home, should be a good one where no one is afraid. All the people living in Europe should have the right to welfare and opportunities for social participation. There should be no discrimination, and everyone’s civil rights should be protected. The European Union should ensure that the member states hold on to the jointly agreed basic values of human dignity and human rights, liberty, democracy, equality, and rule of law.

More information on my goals in this election can be read in Left Alliance’s excellent and versatile European election platform (in Finnish).  More information on Left Alliance in English is available on this site.

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