I am Senior Research Fellow and Chief Shop Steward at Tampere University. I have trained as a nurse and have a PhD in social sciences. I live in Tammela, Tampere, with my husband and our 14-year-old cat called Vili. Read more about my education and work history on the Koulutus ja työt page (in Finnish). I have been politically active for about ten years. I am also an active social debater. The Kirjoituksia and Blog (in Finnish) pages contain texts that I have written in the recent years (in Finnish).

I am a city councillor in Tampere and member of the board of Pirkanmaa Hospital District. More information on my community involvement is available on the Luottamustehtävät page (in Finnish).

In my research work, I have concentrated on health communications and journalism. I am currently studying the impact of social media on the communication between doctors, nurses and patients, and the digitalisation of health care communications. I have also investigated the impact of gender on journalistic work.

More information on my research and scientific publications is available on my work website (in Finnish) and the website of the Negate project

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